Auto updating pic viewer planning consolidating shipments warehouse

Posted by / 26-Apr-2018 20:08

The average website or desktop application should also obey Exif Orientation, although not all of them do.If a photo appears sideways when uploaded to a website, that website needs to be fixed–but you can probably rotate that image on that website anyway.Some applications offer an option that will ignore the Exif Orientation tag, allowing you to rotate them without the tags getting in the way.This problem can occur in practically any software, from a program on your PC to a website or a mobile app.If you’re using Windows 7, you can make this problem go away by upgrading to Windows 10.If you’d like to keep using Windows 7, you may want to use another image viewer that obeys the Exif tags instead of the default image viewer.The sensor detects which way you’re holding the camera, in an effort to rotate the photos properly.

That’s because there are two different ways a photo can be rotated, and not every program is on the same page.Images may appear correct on a Windows 10 or 8 PC, but rotated differently on a Windows 7 PC.Thankfully, most applications now do obey the Exif Orientation tag.For example, on Windows 7, Windows Photo Viewer and Windows Explorer ignore the Exif Orientation tag.Windows 8 added support for the Exif Orientation tag, which continued into Windows 10.

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