Christina ricci dating curtis buchanan

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He’s no beauty, but Mickey Rourke remains one of the most intriguing actors around.

He’s changed his looks more than any Hollywood actress we know, but he gets away with it. But one of Mickey’s longtime and BEST friends is a hair stylist – they see each other frequently.

Sadly, Kirstie’s tweets reveal that she is still a slave to Scientology and might never change.

She did get a powerful backlash to her remarks and dropped the subject for now.

James Franco directed and stars and he does a bang-up job for a change.

Run, don’t walk – to see this movie before everybody starts talking about it.

(Above, Corey and his wife Courtney Anne Mitchell, 28, at Tao) Photo Credit: AKM-GSI It’s nice that Kesha is obviously a fan of Patsy Cline and she’s knocking off Patsy’s gorgeous gabardine cowgirl suits designed by Nudie the legendary rodeo tailor.

However, Kesha’s updated versions leave a LOT to be desired.

The resulting film is called It seems like Corey Feldman, 44, has been talking about the unnamed pedophiles he encountered as a child actor for YEARS.

Recently he announced that he’s trying to raise ten million dollars to make a movie about his childhood as an actor and victim and promises to name those names. Hasn’t he noticed that people are naming names all over the place these days and they’re not asking for ten million dollars?

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She’s concerned about the environment and the dying bee population.

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