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Crystal chappell dating michael sabatino

In May 2011, Chappell revealed that her contract was not renewed and her character ended its run in late summer.She has since appeared as Danielle Spencer on The Bold and the Beautiful in 2012.How many shows do you see yourself producing to be part of your online network platform?CRYSTAL: I don’t see a limit, and with the help of these wonderful fans we have been able to create an online show. The fact that we have been able to do it, and they have been so passionate and loyal, then they will go and support it.In fact, her new series is a collaboration with her talented husband, Michael Sabatino! Already the hardest working woman in soaps, tell us about your new project!CRYSTAL: My intention from the beginning was to create various online content and create an online network.

The soaps I remember growing up with are also my inspiration for this series.Are they having some input as to how you cast the new series?CRYSTAL: I do have a casting wish list and a lot of my casting ideas have come from twitter, honestly.So, what I have been doing is developing other projects.And the one I just finished is one that I have been developing with Michael Sabatino, my husband.

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If CRYSTAL: I can tell you that I play a married woman to another beautiful woman, and the show is about families.

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