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Dating imperial pocket knives

I assume, somewhere along the line, some company got busted for using the word “scout” and had to change to camp or utility so their knife wouldn’t infringe on the scout knife….that’s just a guess on my part.

3 blade (can opener and screwdriver blades in addition to a main spear point blade) (see below) reads “scout” on the shield, however there is no association with the fraternal organization known as the Boy Scouts of America.The device will feature one or more blades, and a person can store it in his or her pocket.Most pocketknife blades are 2 to 6 inches long, and today's manufacturers form the handle from various materials.In Spain, pre-Roman era Iberian folding blade pocketknives have been found. Pocketknife manufacturers continue to produce the product today in an assortment of styles and designs.A pocketknife is a cutting tool that folds down into a base unit.

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The knife simply resembles the traditional 4 blade scout knife pattern and they added a shield to promote the resemblance. ————————————————– Here, here is a typical scout knife pattern (see below pic) with no association to the Boy Scouts of America, nor does it carry the word “scout” anywhere on it, however…………………..because of the pattern and style (main spear point blade, screwdriver/cap lifter blade, can opener blade, and awl/leather punch) this Hammer Brand knife is sometimes referred to as a scout knife.

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