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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have grown close, and were even seen exploring NYC's Central Park Zoo together over the weekend.Let this serve as a warning to the prospective bride: Marry this man at your own peril.One list included the names and phone numbers of 43 women, each notated with the letter “G,” which his late wife, Mary Richardson, believed was code for “goomah,” Italian slang for mistress.Some women on the list had the same first names and were distinguished by their professions or home lust demons.” He had to “avoid the company of women.

Midsummer's Eve is the online dating, friendship and fun site that has been established for six years, and has hundreds of thousands of loyal members throughout the UK.In the past, where there is no internet connection, the only way to meet foreigners is when you have other mutual friends with them or you’re on a business or you’re in class with them, and also you cannot actually date them instantly but today, with the dating sites available, you can easily add up and talk to other people from different countries in the world and even date with them if you both have agreed on it.The abuse of the dating websites is becoming rampant also, aside from its good effects to a lot of people there can still be negative effects posing to this kind of technology.Tales of the sexual indiscretions enjoyed by President Kennedy and his brother have only improved their long-term images as virile leaders.Yet I can’t help but believe that people who allegedly stray not only cheapen the institution of marriage, they wreck it by lowering acceptable standards of human conduct.

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