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Before retiring to consider sentence Judge John said he had been hopeful but was not surprised that the girls' parents had not attended court.'The girls still out at 2am at the age of 12, no indication, that I'm aware of, of parents making frantic 999 calls to police,' he said critically.Judge John sentenced Amos, of Caversham, Berks, Charles, of Coley, Berks., De Sousa, of Tilehurst, Berks., and Edwards, of West Reading, to be detained for two years in a young offenders' institute.

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Chatting with an underage person is as bad as being underage.

The men arrived in two Vauxhall Corsas and sent a further message. One went beside the building and the other went to a children's play area. She was initially reluctant but eventually gave in to his persistence.

'It was her account that there was only one male she had any sexual contact with.'The witnesses described how the boys went over to the other girl one at a time on the other side of the park, that she was calling them over and they were going one by one.' Defence lawyers, mitigating for the six defendants, described the case as 'exceptional.' They highlighted the lies of the young girl who took part in most of the sexual activity and said that if it had not been for their clients' honesty and full descriptions of events, the Crown Prosecution Service would have had no case.

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Police analysis showed she was in touch with Edwards and had been for a number of days.

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