Small fish big pond dating

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Small fish big pond dating

My ultimate goal then, is contradictory to the title of this post.

I plan to be a big fish, in the biggest pond possible.

A great reminder for us not to get too caught up in the rat-race, take life too seriously and appreciate every minute.

Larger IT departments also offer more opportunities to move up into leadership roles.

A possible disadvantage is that the employee becomes a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none.

Or at least that’s how a future employer may view them.

An employee with management aspirations may actually have to wait until their manager retires before moving into that leadership role. The size of the IT department matters and one size doesn’t fit all.

If you have never heard of this expression before, being a little fish in a big pond refers to being an unimportant person in a usually large group in society.

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You’ll feel valued amongst those that surround you and people will listen and take on board what you have to say, agreeing almost every step of the way.