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Next on the horizon is mortgages which can be approved in three hours.

The prospect of being able through the usually painful mortgage application process in such as short time frame will be available within months.

It's not about slimming down a process and taking a couple of steps out, it's rethinking how mortgages can be brought to the market.

We are very far along in personal loans and we'll do the same with mortgages.

Deering accepts that in spite of marketing and innovation, the banking sector still has some way to go before being embraced by consumers following the banking crash and fallout from the recession.

"Trust in banking in Ireland was the lowest in Europe," she says.

AIB has sparked a new wave of competition in the mortgage market by slashing its variable rates, with others following.

"We put €5 into new accounts so you can actually go out and pay for a cup of coffee using Apple pay or Android pay so you could actually use the account instantly," she says.

Dara Deering, executive director and head of retail banking at KBC Bank Ireland expects it to be introduced in the first half of 2018.

"What we're seeing in banking is probably no different to what customers are doing outside banking," she says.

"We are designing for mobile but then making those processes available though every single channel," she says. "We want customers to be able to get approval in an hour and our objective is to mortgage decisions in three hours." She says that while in the past getting a mortgage and moving house was seen as a 'nightmare' of a process, technology was making it smoother.

"The reality is that a lot of the data that we as a bank needs exists.

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"You go from a journey that used to be days or weeks down to minutes." According to Deering the new technology, which can match up your face via a selfie with the photo on your ID, is actually more secure than traditional banking checks.