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Toolstripstatuslabel not updating

Set Display Member to category Name, and Display Value to category ID. After setting the Data Source for the Combo Box, you'll notice that three components were added to the Component Tray (the area below the Form Designer).The component instances will be used to populate the Category Combo Box.The way Controls and Components differ is not always apparent.Typically, a Control is a Component that provides or enables user interface capabilities, but we've seen Components that also include a user interface.

When we run the application, you may notice that the categories are not sorted.

This application will present a checkbook register that you can use to record your income and expenses.

Each entry in your register must be associated with a category.

The Register table contains a column that references the Categories table.

We could have linked these tables through this reference, and then dragged the Register entry from our Data Set using the Data Set Designer to create a Data Grid View control, but we want to illustrate using code for more database customization.

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