Updating an access file using c animal rescue dating

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Updating an access file using c

Along the way, you’ll get acquainted with the slick Access user interface, and you’ll learn exactly what you can store in a database.You’ll then be ready to tackle the fine art of database design, which is covered in detail throughout this book.Even though Microsoft has spent millions of dollars making Access easier to use, most people still see it as the most complicated Office program on the block. Access seems more daunting than any other Office program because of the way that databases work. Or you can start Excel, and launch right into a financial report. Before you can enter a stitch of information into an Access database, you need to create that database’s .And even after you’ve defined that structure, you’ll probably want to spend more time creating other useful tools, like handy search routines and friendly forms that you can use to simplify data lookup and data entry.SEEK_CUR moves the pointer x bytes down from the current pointer position.SEEK_END moves the pointer from the end of the file (so you must use negative offsets with this option).The fwrite function works the same way, but moves the block of bytes from memory to the file.

If task #1 (creating the database) is done well, task #2 (using the database) can be extremely easy.

C uses a file pointer, but it can point to any byte location in the file. The following program illustrates these concepts: In this program, a structure description rec has been used, but you can use any structure description you want.

You can see that fopen and fclose work exactly as they did for text files.

Although every database follows the same two-step process: first somebody creates it and then people fill it with information, the same person doesn’t need to perform both jobs.

In fact, in the business world, different people often work separately on these two tasks.

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